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      After setup completes there are no wireless networks available in Windows 7



      After the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) wizard completes and the windows installation is finalized, on first boot the Wireless LAN Icon will appears to indicate no local networks are available and Wireless options show "not connected" and "No connections are available".

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      This is because the Wireless LAN Auto Configuration service is not automatically started after the Wireless LAN driver is installed.

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      Under Computer Management - Services and Applications - Services locate the "WLAN AutoConfig" service and change its startup type from manual to Automatic. Then Start the service.

      Additionally you can run the "SC" Command to script changing the service startup type.


      "sc config Wlansvc start=auto"

      Then Followed by:

      "sc start Wlansvc"

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      For more information on known potential issues with wireless functionality during the Windows 7 Out of Box Experience (OOBE), click the following artcile number to view it in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

      2014348 ( Windows 7 setup may not show the "Join Wireless Network" wizard during OOBE

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