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      Service Control Manager Event Viewer error occurs only on the Windows XP preload - ThinkPad R50, T41/p

      The following errors may appear in the Event Viewer on the Windows XP preload every time the computer is rebooted.

      • Type of Event: Error
      • Event Source: Service Control Manager
      • Event Category: N/A
      • Event ID: 7000
      • Description: CMDIDE service has not been started because of the next error. The specified service is invalid or since the effective device is not associated, it can not be started.

      Affected configuration
      The following ThinkPad systems running the Microsoft Windows XP preload may be affected by this symptom:

      • ThinkPad R50
      • ThinkPad T41
      • ThinkPad T41p

      Run the CMDIDEFX.cmd file. This file will automatically edit the Windows XP registry file. With this edit file, Windows XP will start the CMDIDE service for the Docking Station correctly only when the computer is attached to the Docking Station, so the errors are never logged.

      Click here to download the CMDIDEFX.cmd file.


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