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      ThinkCentre Tiny I/O Expansion Box - Overview and Service Parts

      Features and specifications

      The ThinkCentre Tiny I/O Expansion Box (4XF0E53145) can increase more I/O ports for your Tiny system. And this compact I/O box is easy to connect. Simply plug in a USB connector to your Tiny System. It can also be mounted to Tiny L-Bracket Mounting Kit (Universal belt) (PN: 4XF0E51408) with your Tiny system by ThinkCentre Tiny VESA Mount (PN: 0B47374). It provides an efficient and secure monitor mounting solution for your Tiny PC.

      The ports include:

      • Four USB ports
      • One pair of PS/2 port
      • One serial port
      Manuals  Version
      Release Date
      Setup Poster and Warranty Information (2.7 MB)
      July 2016 5 August 2016

      Physical Specifications:

      • Approximate height: 22.3 mm (0.88 in)
      • Approximate width:   181.5 mm (7.15 in)
      • Approximate length:  182 mm (7.17 in)
      • Approximate weight: 0.324 Kg (0.71 lb)


      1 year – Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) Service

      • Announce date: 24 September 2013 (Worldwide)
      • Availability date: 27 September 2013 (Worldwide)

      Hardware requirements

      The ThinkCentre Tiny I/O Expansion Box is supported on the following systems:

      Machine Type
      ThinkCentre M92/p (as of Sept 24, 2013) Tiny Tiny
      ThinkCentre M72e (as of Sept 24, 2013) Tiny Tiny
      ThinkCentre M93/p (as of Sept 24, 2013) Tiny Tiny
      ThinkCentre M73e (as of Sept 24, 2013) Tiny Tiny

      Note: Please refer to the Accessories Compatibility Guide for the complete list of supported systems.

      Installation Time: Approximately 5 minutes
      No Cable Orders Required


      • Shipment
        • ThinkCentre Tiny I/O Expansion Box
        • Publication
        • USB connector
        • Screws 

      Service Parts

      • Geography: The geography where the product is available.
      • Marketing part number: The part number used for purchasing the product.
      • Replacement part number (FRU): The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.
      Description Geography Marketing part number  Replacement part number (FRU)
      Tiny IO BOX case Worldwide  4XF0E53145 03T9965
      50mm USB2.0 A to B cable_1L, Luxshare 4XF0E53145 54Y9348


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