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      How to resolve black screen hang issue after updating to Microsoft Windows 8.1 on ThinkPad S431, S440, S531, S540, and ThinkCentre M93z



      Affected ThinkPad and ThinkCentre systems that were updated to Microsoft Windows 8.1 prior to October 28, 2013 may no longer boot.  Microsoft Windows 8.1 will hang at a black screen with a visible mouse pointer.  Although the mouse pointer can be moved around the screen, it is not possible to log into the system.


      Affected Configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkPad 
      • ThinkCentre

      Affected Systems (machine types, model types):

      • ThinkPad S431
      • ThinkPad S440
      • ThinkPad S531
      • ThinkPad S540
      • ThinkCentre M93z


      System is configured with
      • Microsoft Windows 8 that is upgraded to Windows 8.1


      Applies to
      • Microsoft Windows 8.1



      To resolve the issue, boot into Safe Mode to uninstall and delete the AMD display adapter driver from Device Manager.  Then, reboot into Windows and run Windows Update to automatically install the proper AMD display adapter driver. 

      Detailed instructions:

      1. At the black screen, press and hold the power button until the system powers off.  This typically takes 5-8 seconds.
      2. With the system still powered off, press and hold the Shift and F8 keys.
      3. While still holding Shift and F8, press and release the Power button.  Continue to hold Shift and F8.
      4. The Lenovo logo should appear on the screen followed by Please Wait.  Release Shift and F8 at this time.
      5. The Recovery screen should appear.  If only a blank screen appears and not the Recovery screen, retry steps 1-5.
      6. From the Recovery screen, click on See advanced repair options.
      7. Click on Troubleshoot.
      8. Click on Advanced Options.
      9. Click on Startup Settings.
      10. Click on Restart.
      11. The PC will now reboot to the Startup Settings screen.
      12. Press 4 to Enable Safe Mode as prompted.
      13. The PC will now boot to Safe Mode.
      14. Enter your user name and password as prompted to log into Safe Mode.
      15. Open the Start screen.
      16. Type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to start Device Manager.
      17. Double-click on Display Adapters to expand the Display Adapters category.
      18. Right-click on the specific AMD Radeon HD device and choose Uninstall from the menu.
      19. At the Confirm Device Uninstal prompt, check the box Delete the driver software for this device and then click on OK.
      20. Restart the PC.
      21. The PC will now boot to Windows normally.
      22. Enter your user name and password as prompted to log into your PC.
      23. Make sure your internet connection is working and then run Windows Update.  Choose to install all available updates.
      24. The PC should now be functioning normally.


      Additional Information

      This situation occurs due to an issue with Microsoft Windows Update prior to October 28, 2013.  Starting on October 29, 2013, the issue with Windows Update is resolved.  The intent of this document is to help users recover their affected PC that was updated to Microsoft Windows 8.1 prior to October 28, 2013.

      The affected systems all have dual AMD-Intel graphics.

      Windows Update should install AMD display driver (or later) and Intel display driver (or later).  The issue occurred when the Intel display driver was updated by Windows Update but compatible AMD display driver was not installed.



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