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      Cannot use Triple Display Configuration using two DVI digital ports for Windows 7 - ThinkPad L430, T430s and T430si


      Some ThinkPad systems cannot use Triple Display Configuration when using two DVI digital ports.

      • First Display:  Active ThinkPad Display
      • Second and Third Displays:  Connected to DVI digital ports on ThinkPad Mini Dock Plus

      The Triple Display Configuration will work correctly when using two DisplayPorts.  The use of DP to DVI dongles is not a viable solution.The DisplayPortcables must be straight DP to DP connections.


      Affected configuration

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkPad

      Affected systems:

      • L430
      • T430s
      • T430si
      • T431s

      System is configured with:

      • Mini Dock Plus

      Operating Systems:

      • Microsoft Windows 7
      • Microsoft Windows 8



      To enable three displays on these machines, the configuration should be one of the following below:

      1. DisplayPort + DisplayPort + LCD
      2. DisplayPort + DisplayPort + VGA
      3. DisplayPort + DisplayPort + DVI (one DisplayPort is connected to system mini-DisplayPort port)
      4. DisplayPort + DisplayPort + DisplayPort (one DisplayPort is connected to system mini-DisplayPort port)
      5. See the picture below to verify that Intel Control Panel applet detects 3 monitors and 2 of the monitors are listed as Digital Displays.  The use of DP to DVI dongles is not a supported alternative to using DP to DP cables.



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