ExFat File System option is not listed in Windows Vista Formatter - ThinkCenter (All types), ThinkPad (All types), Lenovo 3000 Desktop (All types), Lenovo 3000 Notebook (All types)


Microsoft Windows Vista Format menu does not show ExFat file system volumes.

Affected configurations

Any of the following systems running on Microsoft Windows Vista:

  • ThinkCenter (All types)
  • ThinkPad (All types)
  • Lenovo 3000 desktop (All types)
  • Lenovo 3000 notebook (All types)

This is by design in Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and only occurs on internal and Ultrabay Hard-drives.


It is recommended to use DOS command to format internal and Ultrabay Hard-drives.

In an Administrator command Prompt, type in the following command: format [drive:] /fs:exFAT

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