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      ThinkServer EasyStartup 1.2.1 for ThinkServer TS200v

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      Sistema Operativo
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      SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 sp1 64-bit
      633 KB
      Linux (Red Hat / SUSE)
      The ThinkServer(TM) EasyStartup(TM) program guides you through the steps to create a
      response file and perform unattended installations of supported Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and associated device drivers.
      Additional information
      ThinkServer EasyStartup 1.2.1

      EasyStartup 1.2.1 (TS200v) supports the following operating systems:

      • Support for assisted installation of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 x64
      • Support for assisted installation of Microsoft Windows 2008 SBS SP2 x64

      Support for the following servers:

      • ThinkServer TS200v
      Downloading the package
      1. Click the file link to download the file from the Web page.
      2. When prompted, select a drive and directory in which to save the downloaded file.

      Installing the package
      1. Create a bootable DVD from the ISO file, EasyStartup.iso.
      2. Reboot or power on your server.
      3. Insert the EasyStartup DVD into your DVD-ROM drive.
      4. Follow the steps to use EasyStartup. Refer to the User Guide and On-line Help for more usage instructions.

      • Problem: If the user selects the option to "Install the operating system using a preexisting response file", all the data on other partitions will be deleted.
        Workaround: The user must select "Continue to the main interface" in order to save their data on the other partitions.
      • Problem: When using the side digital keyboard to type in the text fields, the focus will not automatically move to the next textbox.
        Workaround: The user should use the regular keys to type and the focus will automatically move to the next textbox.
      • Problem: If the user enters the '%' character in the IP Address field, the user will be allowed to input it in the text field.
        Workaround: Even though the user can input an invalid character such as '%', when the user selects Next it will warn the user that they have entered an invalid character and cannot proceed with the configuration.
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      ThinkServer EasyStartup - Hints and Tips
      List of tips associated with ThinkServer EasyStartup.

      EasyStartup Hints and Tips


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