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      Questions and answers about Lenovo SplitScreen


      Questions and answers about Lenovo SplitScreen



      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      All Idea Laptops






      Q1: “Start hardware split screen” option is not shown in the right-click menu of Lenovo Splitscreen icon.

      Answer: Graphics is not designed with split-screen function, so the menu doesn’t display this option.


      Q2: “Start Custom SplitScreen” menu cannot be used.

      Answer: “Start Custom SplitScreen” menu can be used only after configuring “Custom SplitScreen” function setting.


      Q3: System prompts failed action when starting 4:3 SplitScreen.

      Answer: 4:3 SplitScreen can only be used when the resolution width of monitor is set above 1366 pixels.


      Q4: “Lock Window” option is unavailable in some windows.

      Answer: Some windows has no system menu, so they cannot display “Lock Window” option.


      Q5: SplitScreen function cannot apply in the modes of 4:3 SplitScreen and Custom SplitScreen.

      Answer: SplitScreen function cannot apply to program windows of anti-virus software or program windows run as Administrator. Running Lenovo SplitScreen as Administrator could enable more program windows to use SplitScreen function.


      Q6: 4:3 SplitScreen function will be shut down automatically when running game in full screen?

      Answer: For most games, when running them in full screen, screen resolution will be changed. Thus the resolution cannot meet the required resolution, 4:3 SplitScreen function will be closed automatically.



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