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      Unsatisfactory video display on the ThinkPad LCD display - ThinkPad

      : Some ThinkPad LCDs will automatically dim when AC Power is unplugged. This is to save battery power and is normal.

      1. Verify that the display panel is cleaned to prevent distortions.
      2. Verify that the latest BIOS for the ThinkPad system has been installed.
        If the display works in the BIOS Setup Utility, then verify that the latest BIOS for the ThinkPad system has been installed.

      3. Verify that the latest video driver for the operating system and ThinkPad system has been installed properly according to the install instructions and readme from the software and device driver files for your ThinkPad system. (Click here to learn what a device driver is.)
      4. Disable screen expansion in the ThinkPad Configuration Utility.
        Some ThinkPad systems allow the video to be expanded to fill the display, but this may cause the text to be distorted.
      5. Check display settings for resolution (screen area) and color depth.
        The wrong settings may cause the ThinkPad LCD panel to appear to have a black border when a resolution is used that is smaller than the actual LCD screen size.
        1. For Microsoft Windows 2000, click Start, select Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click Display.
          For Microsoft Windows XP, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Appearance and Themes and then click Display.
        2. Click the Settings tab.
        3. In the Screen Area box, increment the slider one position at a time to increase the size and click Apply until the screen is filled.
          Note: The most typical screen area size for ThinkPad systems is 1024x768.
        4. Click the Advanced button to verify the advanced display settings for Monitor, Refresh rate (frequency), and Hardware acceleration.
          Note: The most typical advanced settings for ThinkPad systems are Laptop display panel 1024x768 for monitor, 60 Hertz for Refresh rate, and Full for Hardware acceleration.
      6. Check the brightness setting.
        A lowered brightness setting may cause the display to appear dim.
        Press and hold the Fn key and then press the Home key to increase the LCD brightness setting.
      7. A small number of missing, discolored, or lit all the time dots or pixels is characteristic of thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) technology due to manufacturing process for such technology irrespective of manufacturer. If your LCD has defective pixels, it should not be considered faulty until the number of defective pixels meets or exceeds the number listed in the Pixel policy criteria.
      8. If these steps have not solved your problem:
        Refer to "Need more help?"


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