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      How to locate the 7, 8 or 9-digit part number on your PC accessory and machine type/model numbers for Monitors

      The following contains a brief description on locating 7-digit part numbers on accessory products, and machine type/model numbers for Monitors products.

      Computer Accessories


      PC accessories have a Product label. The Product label includes one, or more part numbers. Various part numbers include:

      • FRU P/N: FRU is the Field Replacement Unit (FRU) Service part number. FRU part numbers can be purchased as a service part. When purchased as a service part, the service part may be new, or refurbished.
      • OPT P/N: OPT is the Option (OPT) customer-orderable marketing part number. Option Part Numbers are orderable from www.lenovo.com and authorized Lenovo Business Partners. The following has information on Option Part Numbers:

      • ASM P/N: ASM is the Assembly (ASM) manufacturing part number. ASM part numbers cannot be purchased from Lenovo or from authorized Lenovo Business Partners.







      Monitors can have have up to two labels. This includes a Product label on the rear of the monitor, and a Serial Number label on the side of the monitor.
      The Serial Number label, on the side of the monitor, allows the user to quickly identify, reducing the need to move the monitor.

      The Product label on the rear of the monitor. The product label includes: FRU P/N, serial number and the Machine-Type-Model information.

      Below are some examples of Product label and Serial Number label on monitors.

      Monitor typeImageLocation
      ThinkVision Monitors Left edge of the monitor bezel
      Rating label below power connector
      Lenovo Monitors (Not ThinkVision) Located on a label on the rear cover


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