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      ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen - Overview and Service Parts

      ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen

      Features and specifications

      Keep a spare digitizer pen handy to use with your ThinkPad Helix. This pen is identical to the pen included with some ThinkPad Helix models.

      The ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen (0A33910) features include the below:

      • Thin, lightweight design
      • Fits in the ThinkPad Helix pen storage area
      • 256 levels of pressure sensitivity
      • Digitizer pen does not require batteries
      • Identical to the pen included with your ThinkPad Helix

      Physical Specifications:

      • Approximate height: 216 mm (8.5 inch)
      • Approximate depth: 41 mm (1.6 inch)
      • Approximate width: 72 mm (2.8 inch)
      • Approximate weight: 64g (0.14 lbs)


      Manuals  Version
       Release Date
      Warranty Information (2.1 MB) Nov 2014 1 Dec 2014



      1 year Limited customer carry-in exchange

      • Announce date: 29 January 2013 (Worldwide)
      • Planned availability date: 29 January 2013 (Worldwide)


      Hardware compatibility

      The ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen supports the ThinkPad Helix only.

      The ThinkPad Helix Pen only supports the LCD panel with digitizer. Not compatible with non-digitizer MTMs.



      • ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen
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      Service Parts
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      Description Geography Marketing part number Replacement part number (FRU)
      ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen Worldwide 0A33910 04X0381

      Additional product information
      ThinkPad Helix Digitizer Pen calibration procedure
      Microsoft Windows 8 Touch and Pen calibration tool runs in Landscape mode only


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