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      Dolby Audio driver cannot start after upgrading to Windows 8.1/10 - idea/Lenovo laptops


      After a recent update to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, I restarted my system and I get this message:

      I can't find any reference to Dolby Theater or Audio in any app or Device management.

      Affected Brands

      idea and Lenovo laptops

      Operating System

      • Windows 8.1
      • Windows 10


      It is possible that Windows has installed an alternate driver as part of Windows 8.1/10 update process. Restoring the original Lenovo driver may resolve the issue.

      1. Uninstall the Conexant Audio Driver (from Device Manager)

        • Open Device Manager (methods to open Device Manager)
        • Uninstall the Audio Device Under Audio inputs and outputs or Sound, video and game controllers
        • Then proceed to Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a Program
        • Uninstall all Dolby Related programs
        • Reboot if Prompted

      2. Reinstall it from the drivers partition (d:\drivers\audio)

      3. Install the Dolby Home Theater software (d:\drivers\audio\DolbyGUI or go to c:\drivers\audio drivers\DS1 and install “Dolby digital Plus HT”)

        Depending upon individual system configurations that can vary by model, the drivers may be stored on C, D, E or other drive letter. View another related discussion on this issue here - the solutions are all variations of uninstalling the drivers Windows installed and then either locating othe original drivers on one of the drive partitions and reinstalling from there, or downloading and installing the drivers from Lenovo support site.  

      Additional Information

      If you could not find the original audio (dolby) driver folder at your local, you can try to download and install Windows 10 audio driver from Lenovo support website. For detailed information, please check "Dolby Home Theater not work after Windows 10 upgrade".


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