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      Lenovo OneKey Rescue System 7.0 functional description


      Lenovo OneKey Rescue System 7.0 includes two main features:
      OneKey Rescue System (Press Novo button to log in under shutdown state)
      OneKey Recovery(Software under Windows)

      Besides backing up and restoring system, the software also provides many useful functions.

      Affected brands

      Lenovo, idea laptops

      Applied OS

      • Windows 7

      System is configured with

      Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0


      OneKey Rescue System(Press NOVO Button to enter, click here to learn more about NOVO button)

      Under shutdown state, press " " to log in OneKey Rescue System, which includes "OneKey Antivirus", "OneKey Recovery" and "System Setup".


      OneKey Antivirus

      1. Click "OneKey Antivirus" as shown in Fig.1.
      2. There are two options for your selection, see Fig.2


      a. Quick Scan", click it to scan the most susceptible areas of your computer.
      b. Full Scan", click it to thoroughly scan your entire computer.

      OneKey Recovery

      1. Click "OneKey Recovery" in Fig.1 to enter it.
      2. There are two tasks for your selection, see Fig.3.


      a. "Restore from initial backup", select it to restore system partition(Drive C) to the initial status.
      b. "Restore from user's backup", this option allows you to select a system-backup image file to use to restore your system partition (Drive C)

      1. User's Backup requires running Lenovo Rescue System (Windows software) under Windows to create system-backup image file.
      2. When Drive C is restored to initial status, data created after initial backup or User's backup (selected in Step 2) but not backed up will be deleted.

      System Setup
      1. Click "System Setup" shown in Fig.1 to set network path and Admin password.
      2.Click "Network Settings" to set network path.


      a. Click "ADSL connection" and "Next", you will need to input "User Name", "Password" and "DNS Server" for broadband dial-up.



      b. Click "LAN connection" and "Next", you will need to input necessary information for LAN connection, see Fig.7.


      Password Management

      If Admin Password is needed, you can go to "Password Management" (shown in Fig.4) under "System Setup".


      Type and confirm a password in Fig.8. The password cannot be cleared once created.

      One Key Recovery (Windows Software)

      One Key Recovery is preloaded software. You can create "User's Backup" to recover the system andcreate Recovery Disc.

      This part includes three functions: "System Backup""System Recovery" and "Create Recovery Disc".
      Open it from "Start"->"All programs" -> "Lenovo" -> "LenovoOneKey Recovery".

      System Backup

      1. Click "System Backup" to create user's backup, see Fig.9.


      2. Select backup location when Fig.10 appears.


      System Recovery

      1. Click "System Recovery" in Fig.9 to restore your computer to Initial Back up or User's Backup.
      2. Click "Yes" to start system recovery. System will automatically restart and enter Lenovo Rescue System (the same effect with pressing F2).


      3. The following steps are the same with those of One Key Recovery.

      Create Recovery Disc

      1. Click "Create Recovery Disc" to create a recovery disc as backup.


      1. Different types of recovery discs can be created according to your needs. The recovery disc is used to start up the computer automatically and restore the system to the backup state. The first recovery disc is bootable.

      a) "Recovery disc with existing backup image": directly burn system data of the current system data to CD/DVD disc
      b) "Recovery disc with current system": burn the current system partition to CD/DVD disc.
      c) "Factory default recovery disc": burn data in hidden partition to CD/DVD disc. If there is something wrong with the hard disk or OneKey Recovery doesn't work, you can use the recovery disc to restore the hard disk to the factory default state.


      1. It is highly recommended to create Recovery Disc for system recovering (It can be helpful even when you replace the hard disk).
      2. Please number the burned Recovery Discsfor using in sequential order.
      3. Please use discs of good quality for recovery disc so as to make sure the burning process goes well and all backup data is complete.

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