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      Wireless Reload Process - Notebooks

      In most cases, it's not necessary to reload the wireless drivers after installing a new wireless card since the new card should function properly with the existing drivers. If it becomes necessary to reload the wireless drivers, please follow the steps below:

      1. Identify the appropriate driver for your Wireless LAN or WAN card by performing the following steps using your mouse or keyboard.
        1. Click the Start or Windows Pearl icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
        2. Right-Click on My Computer or Computer and select Manage in the drop down menu.
        3. In the Computer Management pop-up window, select Device Manager in the left frame.
        4. In the right frame, double-click on Network Adapters to expand that option.
        5. Find the card labeled as wireless or 802.11 and write down the full name of the card exactly as it appears in the Device Manager.
      2. The current drivers and application being used must be removed. The following steps describe how to remove and replace "Think Vantage Access Connections" and the Wireless LAN or WAN driver. This can be done via the "Add/Remove programs" feature in the Control Panel window explained below.
        NOTE: Before removing Access Connections and the wireless driver be sure you have an ethernet cable to enable your computer to connect directly to your modem or router. Please be aware once the wireless driver has been removed, your computer will not be able to connect to the internet without an ethernet cable.
        1. Click the Start button in the lower left corner of the screen.
        2. Click on Control Panel then double-click on Add or remove programs.
        3. Look through the list of programs and click the remove button for each of the following:
          1. "ThinkVantage Access Connections"
          2. The "wireless" adapter driver recorded from step 1 above.
        4. Once these two (2) items have been removed, close the Add or remove programs window and the Control Panel and shut down your machine as usual.
      3. Restart your computer.
        ** IMPORTANT** After restarting, the Windows "Found New Hardware" prompt may appear or the New Hardware Wizard may open. Cancel or close both of these processes and do not use them to install the new wireless hardware.
      4. The following steps describe how to install new versions of "ThinkVantage Access Connections", Lenovo System Interface driver, and the Wireless LAN or WAN driver using the ThinkVantage System Update (TVSU) utility.
        1. Connect the ethernet cable between your computer and the modem or router and open a browser window to connect to the internet.
        2. Click on Start -> All Programs -> ThinkVantage -> and select System Update
          Note: If TVSU is not pre-loaded on your computer, download and install the application by clicking on the link below or copy & paste the link into your web browser.

      5. Screenshots below show where you should find the "Wireless" drivers, "Access Connections" and any co-dependant drivers or features using TVSU.
        1. Select the "Wireless" driver and "Access Connections" application, any other co-dependent feature or driver will automatically select, click "Next". The wireless driver listed in TVSU should appear very similar to the one you wrote down in step 1 but may not be titled exactly.
        2. On the final screen in TVSU click the Download button. This will automatically install the drivers, Access Connections, and any co-dependent drivers or features such as Hotkey Features.
          Note: The computer may be automatically rebooted after the installation is complete.

      ThinkVantage System Update

      Upon entering ThinkVantage Systems Update window, select Next button.

      ThinkVantage Systems Update options

      1. Press the Fn+F5 keys and then try to connect your PC through Access Connections, a reboot may be needed.


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