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      Heat sink removal and installation - ThinkStation D10 (type 6427, 6493)

      This section provides instructions on how to replace the heat sink.

      To replace the heat sink:

      1. Open the computer cover. See "Cover removal".
      2. Remove the heat sink fan cable from the system board. Note the cable location.
      3. Remove the heat sink from the system board by removing the screws holding the heat sinks to the system board (1). Carefully lift the heat sinks off of the system board.

        Note: If you are removing the heat sink as part of a procedure to remove some other part, you can reuse the heat sink without replacing the grease as long as the grease on the heat sink or the microprocessor has not been disturbed or contaminated. Be careful not to touch the heat sink or set the heat sink down where the grease comes in contact with any surface or contaminates.


      1. Remove the plastic covering from the bottom of the new heat sink to expose the heat sink grease (this cover protects the heat sink grease from contamination).

        Note: Do not remove the plastic covering the grease until you are ready to install the heat sink on the microprocessor. Do not touch the grease the heat sink. Do not put the heat sink anywhere except on the microprocessor after the plastic covering has been removed and the grease exposed.
      2. Place the new heat sink into position and replace the 4 screws to secure the heat sink.
      3. Reconnect the heat sink fan cable. See "Locating system board connectors and components".
      4. Go to "Completing the FRU replacement".
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