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      Battery does not charge - ThinkPad


      Check the following:
      1. Is the AC adapter plugged into the wall outlet and connected to the ThinkPad?
        • If not, correct the problem and continue.

      2. Does the wall outlet have power?
        • Some wall outlets are connected to a switch, or the circuit may be open because of a blown fuse or circuit breaker.

      3. Does the AC adapter power the ThinkPad without the battery?
        • If not, the fault may be with the AC Adapter or the ThinkPad itself.

      4. Is the battery too hot?
        • You cannot charge the battery when it is too hot.
        • If the battery feels hot, remove it from the computer and allow it to cool to room temperature.
        • After it cools, reinstall it and recharge the battery. If you still cannot charge the battery, it will need to be serviced.


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