How to enable/disable WLAN/Bluetooth

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How to enable/disable WLAN/Bluetooth


Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

All Idea Laptops



Cautions for enabling or disabling wireless network or Bluetooth

1. Some machines may not be configured with WLAN adapter or Bluetooth device. Thus there will be no where to find physical switch of these two devices.

2. For machines configured with physical switch of WLAN or Bluetooth, the button must be switched on, or wireless network cannot be used.

3. For some machines, it may require to pre-install energy management before.

4. To some machines, the wireless/Bluetooth indicator  is on when the wireless network or Bluetooth is enabled.

Action sequence (only applicable for certain types of machines): 1. Switch on WLAN physical switch, verify whether Energy Management needs to be installed and then press FN+ (Wireless/Bluetooth) key to enable/disable.

Cautions: The shortcut keys to enable wireless network/Bluetooth vary on different machine types. To most machines, the shortcut key will be “Fn+F4”, “Fn+F5” or “Fn+F6”. See the following Fig.3,4.


Illustrations to enable/disable:

1. If machines are configured with WLAN/Bluetooth switch, you need to slide the bar from left to right before, and then press corresponding shortcut key combination to enable/disable. See Fig.1.2.5.

2. Wireless hardware switches of most machines is on the front edge and those of a small number of   machines are on the right (or left) edge. Wireless network of few machines (such as IdeaPad S10) are enabled only by shortcut key.

3. Diagram of hardware switch of wireless network (For reference):



Shortcut keys of enabling/disabling WLAN/Bluetooth

1. To control wireless network by FN+ (wireless) key, it needs to install Energy Management software (or shortcut key driver).

2. To most machines, their wireless network can be enabled/disabled by “Fn+F4” or “Fn+F5”. (Note: the premise is that hardware switch is switched on and Energy Management is installed)






3. Call out “Lenovo Wireless Device Settings” interface and set Wireless/Bluetooth to “On” or “Off”.


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