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      How to connect your K1 with your PC by Synchronization Software?

      How to connect your K1 with your PC by Synchronization Software?

      Affected Configuration

      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      • IdeaPad Tablet K1



      1. Run Synchronization Software from desktop shortcut or Programs list.

      Fig 1


      2. USB connection

      When connecting PC and device via USB the first time, or PC finding Synchronization Software version in device older than PC, PC will automatically upgrade Synchronization Software in device.

      Fig 2


      To change device name, you can click the device's name and edit.

      3. Wifi connection

      Operation steps:

      1) Device is connected to PC via usb cable, and Synchronization Software in device installed successfully;

      2) Device and PC connected in the same LAN via wireless Router;

      3) Run Synchronization Software in device, select Security Settings and set Username and Password;

      4) Run Synchronization Software in device, make Enable WIFI Function checkbox checked;

      5) On PC click the wifi connected device and outspread the interface of logon , input the username and password in step 3. Only logon successfully, then the function of Paste to device and Synchronization will work.


      Fig 3



      Fig 4



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