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      Digitizer Firmware Update to increase pen accuracy - ThinkPad X220 Tablet, X220i Tablet


      At the edge of the LCD screen, cursor doesn't follow digitizer pen well.


      Affected Configurations

      The following ThinkPad systems that manufactured before December 1, 2011 maybe affected by this symptom:

      • X220 Tablet, X220i Tablet (Machine Type: 4294, 4296, 4297, 4298, 4299, 4300, and 4301)



      A firmware update to improve digitizer accuracy is available. 

      To update the digitizer firmware, download the Digitizer Firmware Update Utility and execute the downloaded file.  The utility will provide on screen display of the update progress. Ensure that you correctly follow the instruction provided in the web page for downloading , extracting and  installation guide.

      NOTE: Please do not power off the ThinkPad during the firmware update, or your digitizer may NOT be usable anymore.


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