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      Turbo Boost Functionality on Battery (DC) Power - ThinkPad W520


      On ThinkPad W520 systems, users have reported decreased system performance and the lack of Turbo Boost functionality while running on battery (DC) power.


      Affected configuration

      All the following ThinkPad system running on all Operating Systems:

      • W520



      On battery (DC) power, the ThinkPad W520 is designed to put the CPU in Low Frequency Mode, disable Turbo Boost, and scale back the clock speed of the nVidia graphics chip because the overall system power consumption exceeds the available battery supply.
      The AC adapter, however, does not have this limitation, and can offer full workstation performance as expected.

      In order to get maximum performance from the ThinkPad W520:

      1. Update the BIOS to version 8BET46WW or later.
      2. Operate on AC power using the supplied 170W adapter.


      Additional Information

      Click here to download the Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor.

      Only ThinkPad W520 systems are affected.


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