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      Drifting mouse or system automatically wakes up from Standby - ThinkPad

      The mouse pointer slowly drifts across the screen or the system resumes from Standby mode automatically.
      Affected configurations
      Any ThinkPad system with TrackPoint.
      When the computer resumes from Standby mode automatically, it may be due to the TrackPoint drifting or if the computer is vibrated. The sensitivity of the TrackPoint can be adjusted through the TrackPoint properties.
      The TrackPoint does automatic compensations to adjust the pointer sensor. During this process, the pointer moves on the screen automatically for a short time. This self-acting pointer movement can occur when a slight, steady pressure is applied to the TrackPoint pointer while the computer is powered on or while the system is running, or when readjustment is required because the temperature has exceeded its normal temperature range.

      This symptom does not indicate a hardware problem. No service actions are necessary if the pointer movement stops in a short period of time. (Remove your finger from the pointer to allow it to finish calibrating.)

      Additional information

      Click here for additional assistance in troubleshooting TrackPoint issues.


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