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      External projector displays image clipped on both sides - ThinkPad General

      External projector displays image clipped on both sides.

      Affected configurations
      Any ThinkPad system running Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP Pro, or Microsoft Windows XP Home operating systems using an external projector.

      1. Right-click the Windows desktop, select Properties, and then click the Settings tab.
      2. Select a setting for Colors and Screen area known to work both on the external projector and your ThinkPad system. (For example: 1024x768 in 16-bit color depth).
      3. Click Apply, click OK, and then click Yes to accept the new settings.
      4. If the external projector still displays the clipping, click the Advanced button, then the monitor tab.
      5. Select Plug and Play Monitor for Monitor Type and remove the checkmark from the box with the text "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display". The default setting is 60Hz.
      6. After the checkmark has been removed, select a higher rate such as 70Hz or 75Hz, then click Apply, then click Yes, and then Yes again.
      7. Repeat this until you find a refresh rate that works with your projector.

      Additional information
      Projectors try to autosense the display capabilities of the system to which they are attached. When the system's LCD is using a non-VESA standard resolution such as 1400x1050, the projector will sync to a refresh rate at the highest resolution it supports, which likely will not be 1400x1050. The video hardware on the laptop may not support the refresh rate that the firmware of the projector assumes. As a result, the image is clipped.


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