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May receive a 4-2-3-3 post beep error when installing PCI-express video adapter - ThinkCentre S51 (type 8171, 8172, 8173), A51 (type 8424, 8425)


When the user installs a PCI-express video adapter in the machine they may receive a 4-2-3-3 post beep error.

Affected configurations

Any of the following systems configured with a PCI-e video adapter that is not PCI-e x1:

  • ThinkCentre S51 (type 8171, 8172, 8173)
  • ThinkCentre A51 (type 8424, 8425)

None. No hardware should be replaced for this. The system only supports PCI-Express x1. While the system riser card does have a standard PCI-express bracket that normally would support x1,x4,x8, and x16. The 8171,8172 and 8173 ships from manufacturing with a plastic bezel that covers everything except where a PCI-e x1 card would populate. The bezel is removable therefore it is possible for a user to insert a Non PCI-e x1 card and thus receive post error 4-2-3-3.



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