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      ThinkPad hard disk drive not recognized in second hard disk drive adapter - ThinkPad General


      The second hard disk drive (HDD) installed in the Ultrabay hard disk drive adapter is not recognized in My Computer as a valid hard disk drive. This occurs if the hard disk drive is installed in the ThinkPad system or ThinkPad Dock.

      Affected configuration

      Any ThinkPad system utilizing a second hard disk drive in the Ultrabay.


      The hard disk drive must be initialized and a partition created before the drive is visible. Follow the instructions below to make the drive visible.

      1. Following the instructions provided with the second HDD adapter to install the second HDD.
      2. Turn off the ThinkPad system and insert the second HDD adapter in the ThinkPad Ultrabay slot or docking station UltraBay slot.
      3. Right-click My Computer and select Manage.
      4. Select Disk Management.
      5. Look for Disk 1. Disk 0 is the working HDD. Right-click the box where Disk 1 is listed.
      6. Select Initialize.
      7. Select the new disk
      8. Right-click and select Create partition.
      9. Right-click and select Format.
      Additional information is available at; search for KB 309000.


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