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      The external display cannot be set to primary display only in Windows XP with Intel integrated graphics (Lenovo Enhanced USB port replicator) - All Lenovo 3000 Notebook, ThinkPad


      When using the Lenovo Enhanced USB Port Replicator and setting the external monitor to primary display mode, the system will not allow for the external monitor to be set as the primary display device.

      Affected configurations

      The following Lenovo 3000 Notebook and ThinkPad systems with Intel integrated graphics running Microsoft Windows XP maybe affected by this symptom:

      • Lenovo 3000 Notebook
      • ThinkPad

      Work Around:

      It is possible to set up the external monitor as the primary display only. This works as long as you don’t extend the desktop to the ThinkPad computer display:

      With the ThinkPad display set as primary in extended mode, open Windows XP display properties


      1. The ThinkPad display on Mobile Intel will be the display #1, the Lenovo display adapter USB on Display Link graphics (The monitor attached to the Enhanced USB port replicator) should be display #3
      2. Right Click the Lenovo USB Display adapter icon.
      3. Select Primary
      4. Go to the ThinkPad Display #1, and uncheck the box “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”.
      5. Select “OK”. The external monitor will become the primary display only, but the internal ThinkPad display will be blanked out.
      Additional Information

      The USB Port Replicator video output works in two modes: Extended and Mirror By default, the USB Port Replicator uses video output in extended mode.


      The primary display corresponds to the notebook computer display unless it is configured differently through the Display Properties window of the operating system

      1. Extended mode: The Extended mode enables you to split your display across multiple monitors. You can drag and drop windows from one screen to the other.
      2. Mirror mode: The Mirror mode clones from your notebook computer screen to the external monitor. The Enhanced USB Port Replicator automatically selects the settings (screen resolution, color quality, and refresh rate) for the external monitor that will enable the best resolution based on your notebook computer's settings.


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