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      ThinkPad Battery Firmware Update for Windows to fix a low battery capacity problem - ThinkPad (Full version)

      Affected configurations
      Supported Batteries
      Resetting the battery gauge
      Battery Firmware Update Dependency Wrapper
      Battery Firmware Update (Standalone)



      Update: This firmware was updated on September 14, 2010. The update includes a second fix, also for the full charge capacity value and the same symptoms. This second fix applies to all of the supported batteries listed below but fixes a problem which can only manifest itself on ThinkPad Models T410, T410i, T510, T510i, and W510.
      Note: Customers with Edge 13, Edge 14, Edge 15, E30, E40, E50, L410, L412, L510, L512, SL410, SL510, and X100e systems still need to have at least the first firmware update. This can be checked in Power Manager, on the Battery Details tab. If this page shows the battery FRU number as one in the "Affected FRU Number" list below, the firmware update should be applied.

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      This battery firmware update utility fixes an issue where some batteries indicate an incorrect full charge capacity value. Because of this error, the amount of energy available for use is artificially low, decreasing the amount of time the system can be used on battery. The fix is entirely contained in the battery firmware update; there is no need to replace any hardware for this problem.


      Affected configurations

      Any of the following ThinkPad systems running on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP:

      • Edge 13, Edge 14, Edge 15
      • Edge E30, Edge E40, Edge E50
      • L410, L412, L510, L512
      • SL410, SL510
      • T410, T410i, T510, T510i
      • W510
      • X100e


      Supported Batteries

      This is not an urgent update; the problem will manifest itself over a period of months. Eventually, the battery will erroneously indicate that it can no longer hold any charge, but this effect is slow and accumulating. Large enterprise customers can plan to do this update during their next planned system maintenance.

      The battery firmware update is applicable to the FRU part numbers shown below. The battery firmware update will change the FRU number electronically stored in the battery (which is reported by Power Manager). This is done as one way to confirm that the battery firmware update has been completed. Obviously, the printed label will still show the "old" FRU number.

      ThinkPad SystemAffected FRU NumberUpdated FRU Number
      L410, L510
      SL410, SL510
      L412, L512
      T410, T410i
      T510, T510i
      Edge 14, Edge 15
      Edge 13


      Resetting the battery gauge

      After the battery firmware is updated, the full charge capacity will be reset to the battery's design capacity. Because of this, it is recommended that a battery fuel gauge reset be performed after the update is complete. This will update the full charge capacity to an accurate value. If this is not done, the battery may report a sudden drop in the estimates of remaining percentage and remaining time once the battery is nearly empty even after updating the firmware. To perform the fuel gauge reset:

      1. Start Power Manager by double-clicking the fuel gauge displayed in the lower right portion of the screen.
      2. Select Advanced in Switch to: view.
      3. Click the Battery tab.
      4. Click Battery maintenance.
      5. Click Perform Reset.
      6. Follow the instructions on the screen.

      After the reset is complete, the battery gauge will be calibrated.

      If Power Manager is not installed or no Battery Maintenance button is available in Power Manager, the battery gauge can be reset by the following instructions.

      1. Charge the battery to 100%.
      2. Disconnect the AC adapter from the computer.
      3. Discharge the battery until 5% or less of the battery charge is remaining. It is okay to let the critical battery action hibernate or shutdown the system.
      4. Connect the AC adapter. The full charge capacity value will update when the AC adapter is connected.



      The battery firmware update requires that a supporting Power Management driver and BIOS are installed.

      Lenovo has bundled the necessary dependencies and the battery firmware update into a common package. Customers who prefer to download a single file may download the appropriate package for their type of system. These "dependency wrapper" programs have the following basic procedure:

      1. Check the Power Management driver version. Update if necesesary.
      2. Get the current BIOS and embedded controller version.
        * This requires another driver, the Lenovo System Interface driver. If this driver is not present, version 1.02 (81vu13ww) will be installed. This driver is part of the "Hotkey Features Integration" package, but only the System Interface driver is installed.
      3. If necessary, update BIOS to the minimum version supporting battery firmware update. A system reboot is required if the BIOS is updated. The battery firmware update will automatically continue after rebooting.
      4. Update the battery firmware. A system shutdown is required after the battery firmware update. The system will not automatically turn back on after being shut down.

      Please click here for more detailed operation of the dependency wrapper programs.


      Battery Firmware Update Dependency Wrapper

      The battery firmware update dependency wrapper programs are available below. The program you need depends on the system you have. By using these programs, the dependencies for the battery firmware update will be handled for you.

      6ifu13ww_edge13.exe Battery Firmware Update package bundled with dependencies for Edge 13, E30
      6ifu13ww_edge14_15.exe Battery Firmware Update package bundled with dependencies for Edge 14, E40, Edge 15, E50
      6ifu13ww_l410_l510.exe Battery Firmware Update package bundled with dependencies for L410, L510, SL410, SL510
      6ifu13ww_l412_l512.exe Battery Firmware Update package bundled with dependencies for L412, L512
      6ifu13ww_t410_t510.exe Battery Firmware Update package bundled with dependencies for T410, T410i, T510, T510i, W510
      6ifu13ww_x100e.exe Battery Firmware Update package bundled with dependencies for X100e
      6ifu13ww_wrapper.txt README for the Battery Firmware Update dependency wrapper utilities


      Battery Firmware Update (Standalone)

      The stand-alone battery firmware update utility is available below. When using this file, one must manually ensure that all required dependencies are met. If they are not, the utility will indicate that the system does not support battery firmware update.

      6ifu13ww.exe Lenovo Battery Firmware Update utility (stand-alone)
      6ifu13ww.txt README for Lenovo Battery Firmware Update utility (stand-alone)


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