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      Vista Crash: System may hang, blue screen or unexpected restart with nVidia Display Driver. NVLDDMKM.SYS may cause an error message - Lenovo N200 (Type 0769)


      The user may see any of the following symptom: "System Hang with an Error Message" "Blue Screen, Windows may stop responding with an error message" "the system may auto restart just after an error message"

      Affected configurations

      Any of the following system running the Windows Vista 32bit or 64bit:

      • Lenovo 3000 N200(type 0769)



      This problem is caused by nVidia VGA driver (nvlddmkm.sys). The nVidia Driver versions affected:

      Update the nVidia VGA Driver to the latest version (Ver: in the web.

      Click here for Vista-32 bit
      Click here for Vista-64 bit



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