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      POST warning message 2010 after BIOS upgrade or hard drive installation - ThinkPad General

      After a BIOS upgrade or installation of a new hard drive, the following error message may appear at POST:


      2010: Warning: Your internal hard disk drive (HDD) may not function correctly on this system. Ensure that your HDD is supported on this system and that the latest HDD firmware is installed. Press <Esc> to continue

      Press <F1> to Setup

      The system appears to boot normally after escape is pressed and the operating system will load.

      Affected configurations
      This message may occur on any system that uses the Intel 915 Express chip set. This new chipset uses a different hard drive interface technology (Serial ATA) to address the hard drive.

      Models specifically included are of the following systems:

      • ThinkPad R52 systems
        Machine types:
        • 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, 1862, 1863, 1870

      • ThinkPad T43 systems
        Machine types:
        • 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 2668, 2669, 2678, 2679, 2686, 2687

      • ThinkPad X41 systems
        Machine types:
        • 1864, 1865, 2525, 2526, 2527, 2528

      • ThinkPad X41 Tablet systems
        Machine types:
        • 1866, 1867, 1869
      There are three possible workarounds to eliminate the error:
      1. Update the hard drive firmware to the latest level. Download the hard drive firmware update, and then apply to your hard drive.
        Note: This update requires a floppy disk drive.
      2. Replace the hard drive with one supported by the system being used.
      3. Use the hard drive, producing the 2010, error in the Ultrabay of the system or a docking station with the second hard drive adapter instead. The interface to the Ultrabay is parallel ATA. For more information visit, ThinkPad Second Hard Drive Adapter for Ultrabay Slim - Overview
      Additional information
      This error is purposely generated to alert the user to potential problems with diagnostic or copy tools. There are known issues with several of these listed below.
      1. Disk Fitness Test (DFT) version 3.xx provided by Hitachi GST which uses vendor specific commands on the hard drive. These may not be correctly interpreted since they must pass through the serial to parallel ATA bridge. However, version 4.00 or later of the Disk Fitness Test (DFT) will work.
      2. HDDTEST version 0.28 by Hitachi GST does not function properly for similar reasons. Instead, use HDDTEST version 0.29 or later.
      3. DOS-based copy tools may function slowly or produce incorrect output, specifically previous versions of Norton/Symantec Ghost. These versions are not compatible with the Serial-ATA interface of the Intel ICH6M chip set. Documentation on this problem may be found at It is recommended to use either a newer version of Ghost, Norton Ghost 2003 (version 2003.789 or later) or Symantec Ghost 8.0 or later, or to use the -FNI switch when invoking Ghost from the command prompt (For example, Ghost.exe -FNI with the current version of Ghost).
      Other disk copy tools and related applications, such as some backup programs, may also have similar behavior.

      The hard drives shipped in the affected systems will not display the message because they already have firmware that recognizes this new Serial ATA bridge chip. However, a similar drive from an earlier ThinkPad system or an OEM drive might cause the error message to be displayed. Customers may also notice the POST error message after applying a ThinkPad BIOS update if a drive without the firmware update is installed in the system. Some early systems were shipped with a system BIOS version that did not provide this POST error message. Updated BIOS has been released to provide this informative POST error message to users.


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