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      Understanding hard drive partitions on Lenovo systems with Microsoft Vista - Desktop, ThinkPad and Workstation

      Affected configurations

      The following Lenovo systems running Microsoft Windows Vista:

      • ThinkPad R400, R500
      • ThinkPad SL300,SL400, SL500,
      • ThinkPad T400, T500
      • ThinkPad W500
      • ThinkPad W700
      • ThinkPad X200, X200s, X200 Tablet
      • ThinkPad X301
      • ThinkStation D10
      • ThinkStation S10
      • ThinkCenter A62

      Many Lenovo systems with Microsoft Vista operating systems have both an S and a Q partition, in addition to the C partition. The S: and Q: drives or partitions contain critical information that allows your Lenovo computer to operate. The C partition holds user files.

      Lenovo created the S and Q partitions to allow the recovery of the initial operating system and software on the computer to the same state that they were in before the computer was activated. However, the Q partition can be removed under certain conditions to obtain more hard drive space. Creating back ups and/or reallocating the partitioned space is now streamlined. Lenovo customers can readily implement the configuration of their choice.

      Partition Management

      The ability to use the Q partition to recover the original software is critical. However, if other back up or recovery methods are available, the Q partition may be removed in order to free up additional hard drive space. The S partition cannot be changed or removed since it controls the computer's start up.

      Note: Before removing the Q partition, create recovery DVD's so your initial operating system and software can be restored if required!

      To view these three partitions, choose Start Computer.

      The following view or a similar view of the C:, Q: and S: partitions will appear.

      C: is your available file storage space.

      S: holds critical start up (booting) information.

      Q: contains the critical data needed for system recovery.

      View of partition information

      Partition Information

      Alternative view of the same partition information

      Alternate Partition Information

      Creating recovery DVD's

      Double clicking the Q: drive or Lenovo (Q) in either of the preceding views of the partition information will result in the following pop up window. Choose either Create Recovery Media or Recover Drive Space. Creating the back up DVD's or having an alternative back up solution is strongly recommended before Recover Drive Space is chosen.

      Backup Partition Information

      The following window appears when the back up process is started and will guide the user through the creation of the recovery discs.

      Create Recovery Discs

      Once a back up is created, choosing Recover Drive Space will reallocate the drive space in the Q partition to the C partition. This is a permanent change. The operating system and software recovery solution will no longer be available on the hard drive after completing this process.

      Alternative methods to start the back up process include:

      • Pressing the blue ThinkVantage button on the keyboard, then selecting Create product recovery media.


      • Choosing Start All Programs --> ThinkVantage --> Create Product Recovery Media.

      Note: Lenovo recommends that the S partition not be modified. Double clicking the S: partition will result in a warning message:

      S drive pop up window.

      Boot Partition Information


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