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      Device Drivers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


      FAQ for Device Drivers

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      Operating System

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      Drivers - The what?

      • Drivers are programs or files that contain sets of instructions for the operating system detailing how best to operate or drive a certain piece of hardware.

      • Each piece of hardware on your system has its own specific driver. Your audio, video, and modem are some of the components that require drivers.

      • If you just add the component, the operating system will not know what to do with it. However, when you install the driver, the operating system knows exactly what it is and, more importantly, it understands how to use it.

      Drivers - The why?

      • If your modem driver does not perform - your modem does not work. It may be time to refresh or update your drivers.

      • The other instance when it is necessary to update your driver is when new additions are made to it.

      • Since manufacturers cannot make their components compatible with every new component that comes on the market, they create newer drivers, adding the instructions to make the drivers more adaptable. Your video driver is a good example: as new technologies develop in 3D drawings, it may be necessary to upgrade your video driver to be able to understand those new technologies.

      Drivers - The when?

      • So, if each new driver is better than the old one, should not I always have the latest and greatest driver? This kind of reasoning is great, but not always necessary.

      • Remember, every time you add, delete, or change your system files corruption may occur. It is a very small chance, but a chance nonetheless. If your system is running fine and you are not having any problems, you may not need to update your drivers.

      • All drivers are tested on what Lenovo calls clean machines, which means that they will work flawlessly on newly reloaded machines

      • These new drivers have not been tested with any programs or hardware that you may have added to your system and that small possibility of corruption exists.

      • When you notice poor performance from a component it is time to upgrade your drivers.Example: If your audio is not working (after checking all volume controls) then maybe it is a driver issue; if that new game you purchased looks fuzzy, then maybe it is a driver issue.

      Drivers - The Where and How

      How To Navigate And Download Lenovo Software Or Drivers from Support Site

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