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      ThinkPad battery has low capacity or shows an "Irreparable damage" or "Battery cannot be charged" error message - ThinkPad R60, R60e, R60i, R61, R61e, R61i, T60, T60p, T61, T61p, X60, X60s, X61, X61s

      Note: This program has expired on October 1, 2010. Information provided herein serves as reference only.

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      A limited number of ThinkPad users have reported the following symptoms:

      • Irreparable damage or battery cannot be charged error message from Power Manager or Message Center
      • Low battery capacity, as indicated by short battery run time or sudden drops in the battery fuel gauge

      Only the following ThinkPad Models and battery FRU part numbers are affected by this issue:

      ThinkPad Battery FRU part number
      R60, R60e, R60i R61, R61e, R61i, T60, T60p, T61, T61p 42T4546, 42T4566, 92P1141
      X60, X60s, X61, X61s 42T4550, 42T4567, 42T4568, 92P1169, 92P1173, 93P5028, 93P5030

      Note: This issue is not a safety recall and does not pose a safety hazard.

      Please refer to the examples of what this error message looks like below.

      View the error messages shown by Power Manager


      Battery Error (Basic view)


      Battery Error (Advanced view)


      Low Battery Capacity (Basic view)


      Low Battery Capacity (Advanced view)


      View the error messages shown by Message Center





      View the error messages shown in the Windows System Notification Area



      Run the Battery Diagnostic Tool (link provided below) to determine if your battery has failed due to this issue and qualifies for a free replacement. If the tool determines that your battery is eligible, it will direct you to the site where you can request a replacement. Lenovo is offering replacements only for batteries that have failed due to this problem.

      Note: Battery diagnostic tool no longer available

      About the Battery Diagnostic Tool:

      • The battery must be installed in the computer.
      • The tool requires an active Internet connection for the following reasons:
        • To query our server for the current time and date
        • To check for tool updates
        • To open your default web browser to order a replacement battery if your battery qualifies
      • If you have any problems running the tool, please temporarily disable your firewall software and run the tool again.
      Additional Information
      View Frequently Asked Questions
      • A message about irreparable damage to the battery or Battery cannot be charged appeared on my computer screen. What does it mean?
        The Irreparable damage to the battery or Battery cannot be charged messages mean that it is no longer possible to charge or discharge your battery. While this is a permanent failure of the battery, it is not a safety issue.

      • What does low battery capacity mean?
        Low battery capacity means that battery run time is short and / or the battery fuel gauge drops suddenly.
      • What is Lenovo doing about this problem?
        If your battery has failed due to this problem, Lenovo will replace it for free. Use the Battery Diagnostic Tool to determine if you are eligible for a replacement.
      • May I have a replacement battery, even though my battery has not failed?
        No. Only a small percentage of batteries will actually fail, so we are offering free replacements only for failed batteries.
      • Does this problem pose a safety hazard?
      • The Battery Diagnostic Tool said I did not qualify for a replacement battery. Why not?
        • In order to qualify for a replacement battery you must meet the following criteria:
          • The battery must have already failed due to the Irreparable Damage or Battery cannot be charged errors or have low battery capacity as indicated by short battery run time or sudden drops in the battery fuel gauge.
          • The battery FRU part number must be on the list shown in the model/part list on this page.


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