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      No sound from speakers - idea/Lenovo laptops and desktops

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      This video deals with the situation that no sound from output devices (speakers) when you try to play audio. Sometimes you may accidentally disable the playback sound or pairing their Bluetooth headset causes no sound output from speaker. Steps are as below:

      1. Check if there is speaker icon at system tray, volume is not muted.
      2. Go to speaker icon (the red trumpet) at the system tray and right-click it to select "Playback devices".
      3. Right click at the blank space and select "Show Disabled Devices".

      4. Right click on speakers to select "Enable". Click "OK" to exit. Sound will come out from the speaker.

      Still no audio from the speakers, you may try the following steps:

      1. Download and update audio driver from support website and check fixed or not.
      2. Connect an earphone or external speaker to audio jack, is there sound from the audio jack? If yes, speaker hardware defective should be considered. Suggest contact service center to perform further diagnosis.

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