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      Installation instructions for Windows Vista (Upgrading from Windows XP) - Notebooks

      This documentation provides the installation instructions for upgrading to Microsoft Windows Vista from your Windows XP preloaded computer.
      : Lenovo does not warrant that every function and operation described in the Lenovo or Microsoft documentation will work or are free from limitation.

      There are specific notebook utilities or device drivers that are required for proper operation of your computer. These utilities or device drivers may vary from one machine model to another. Lenovo recommends that you download and have available all device drivers for your system before upgrading. Please visit the Lenovo Support & downloads Web site to obtain all of your device drivers.

      Before upgrading to Windows Vista
      1. Before you install or upgrade your computer to Windows Vista, you must update the BIOS of your Notebook computer. Otherwise, you might encounter problems during the installation of Windows Vista, and Windows Vista may not perform properly. The BIOS versions that have been tested with Windows Vista are noted in the additional information section of each BIOS document. Visit the Lenovo Support & downloads Web site to download and install the latest BIOS for your system.
      2. Update your Operating System to Windows XP SP2 if it is Windows XP or Windows XP SP1.
      3. Important: Uninstall the following applications or device drivers before upgrading, otherwise you will encounter problems either during or after the upgrade. Visit Application Software limitations for more details and additional uninstallation recommendations.

        • Symantec (Norton) AntiVirus (including LiveReg and LiveUpdate)
        • Sonic DLA
        • Sierra Wireless WAN adapter driver
        • Power Management Driver
        • Lenovo System Migration Assistant
        • Lenovo Rescue and Recovery 3.1 and earlier
        • Rapid Restore
        • Lenovo Rescue and Recovery with Rapid Restore

          Note : Lenovo Rescue and Recovery versions 4.0 and higher must be uninstalled after the upgrade to Windows Vista.

      4. Upgrade your applications and software to the latest versions available. This may help prevent problems during the upgrade to Windows Vista.
      5. Ensure that you have backed up your files and data from your computer to an external hard drive, DVD, CD, USB flash memory, or network storage device.
      6. Ensure that your computer is connected to the Internet, and keep the Internet connection on during the entire upgrade installation. Vista installation may automatically download device drivers and update during the upgrade installation.
      Upgrading your computer to Windows Vista
      1. Insert a Windows Vista disc (DVD) into the optical drive, and allow Autorun to launch the Windows Vista install wizard.
      2. Click Install Now from the "Install Windows" screen.
      3. Click Go online to get the latest updates for installation (recommended) from the "Get important updates for installation" window.
      4. In the "Type your product key for activation" window, enter your 25-character Windows Vista product key (located on the Vista installation disc case in the Vista package or ask for your software/hardware provider), then click Next. The "License terms" screen will appear.
      5. Click I accept the license terms at the bottom left if you agree, then click Next. These license terms are very important for Windows Vista. Take your time to read and understand these terms. Contact Microsoft to clarify any questions or issues.
      6. Click Upgrade and the compatibility report will be generated. Save the document so that you can refer back to it later. This report details the applications that are not compatible with Windows Vista, as well as all the device drivers and installed applications that may need updating after the completion of Windows Vista installation.
      7. Uninstall the applications that prevent you from upgrading. Click Next and Windows Vista will install automatically. The system will restart and continue to install Windows Vista. After several restarts, the "Help protect Windows automatically" screen will appear. Select Use recommended settings (suggested) to continue.
      8. Choose your time zone and set your current date and time. Click Next.
      9. Select your computer's current location. Choose "Home", "Work", or "Public Location".
      10. Click Start. Windows Vista will measure the system performance of your computer, which will take several minutes. Once that is complete, Windows Vista will launch the "Welcome" screen.


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