Slow encryption times using McAfee and Check Point software encryption products - ThinkPad


For customers who are using a software encryption product to encrypt hard drives prior to deployment, differences in initial encryption times may be experienced between hard disk drive vendors. In some cases, it may take up 16 hours to complete drive encryption. This may occur when using McAfee Endpoint Encryption (formerly known as SafeBoot Device Encryption) or Check Point hard drive encryption software.


Affected configurations

Any ThinkPad systems.



McAfee has released a product update and documentation to prevent this issue with older product. To download McAfee products, updates, and documentation, visit the Downloads page.

For instructions on downloading, see: KB56057.

McAfee Knowledge Articles

Hard disk encryption takes longer.


Additional Information

Encryption performance issues may be seen due to the Safeboot Device Encryption version 4 technology.

Check Point Software Technologies also recommends that users ensure that they are using Checkpoint's most current product to ensure optimal performance and strongest security.

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