Blades Slot[x]Information page will report following Inventory values: Product Name: BladeCenter HS23 Description: 2-way X86 Blade Sub Manufacturer: 'blank' (ABCD) Note: The (ABCD) is an abstraction which represents original board manufacturer. Additionally, AMM Web GUI under Firmware VPD page will report '?+' symbol under FW/BIOS Level, Diagnostics Level, Blade Sys Mgmt Processor Level and Blade Firmware List will show '??' under Manufacturer with no way to update the Entry as shown below: " />
AMM web GUI showing description '2-way X86 Blade' for HS23 Blade and Firmware VPD Section contains '?+' symbols - Lenovo and IBM BladeCenter HS23 (1929, 7875) - Lenovo Support MY