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      Lenovo REACHit FAQ

      Creating an Account

      • How do I sign up for REACHit?

      You can sign up for REACHit at or you can use an existing Lenovo ID.

      • What email address should I use?

      The email address used by REACHit must be a valid email address. An account will be created based on the email address you choose and messages will be sent to this email address providing additional information. You can set the password associated with this account independently of your email password.

      • I created my LenovoID but it won’t let me sign-in

      Check your email for an account validation notice. Click on the link in the email to validate your account and then try again.

      • What languages are supported by REACHit?

      English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese

      • How do I request for my language to be supported?

      Use the User Feedback option inside REACHit to let us know what you would like to be supported. We will work hard to add it to our supported languages list.

      Browser Requirements

      • What browsers support REACHit?

      Internet Explorer 10+ and the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox

      VPN Requirements

      • Why can’t I connect through my VPN?

      Some VPNs do not allow websocket connections. If you are using one of these VPNs, REACHit will not be able to connect.


      • What devices are supported?

      Any device running Windows 7/8/8.1, Android 4.1+, and iOS 8+

      • Where can I download REACHit?

      REACHit is available in the Windows Store, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

      • Do you have a modern app for Windows 8 or Windows 8 phone?

      Not yet but if you would like us to build one, use the User Feedback tool option in the app

      Cloud Storage Providers

      • What cloud storage providers do you currently support?

      Google Drive, OneDrive, Drop Box, Box
      Note: Only one OneDrive account can be included in REACHit at a time.

      • Does my REACHit log-in automatically sign me up for the cloud storage providers?

      No, you will need to use an existing account or sign up with a new account with each provider

      • How do I remove a cloud storage account from REACHit?

      Right click on the account in your storage list and select Delete

      • How do I change the password for my cloud storage accounts?

      You cannot change the password for your cloud storage accounts inside of REACHit. You will need to access your account directly with the provider to make changes. Once you change your password, you will be asked to enter your new password the next time you try to access that provider in REACHit.

      • How do I request for another cloud storage provider to be added?

      Use the User Feedback option inside REACHit to let us know what you would like to be supported. We will work hard to add it to our supported list


      • REACHit isn’t finding a file I just created when I search for it

      We update the search index periodically throughout the day. After the next update you will be able to find the file.

      • How do I move files from a phone to PC using the drag and drop feature?

      Currently, REACHit only provides support for dragging and dropping files through the PC interface. The next release of REACHit will allow users to drag and drop files from a phone to PC.


      • What is stored in REACHit?

      REACHit stores the following:
      - Authentication tokens to the cloud storage accounts that you’ve configured (Note: REACHit does not have access to your passwords)
      - File & folder names, time-date stamps, and size
      - (Note: REACHit does not store any of your file’s contents – not even thumbnails)

      • How do I reset my REACHit password?

      You can reset your password at the log-in page by clicking Reset Password or by using the Reset Password option under the settings menu inside the app.

      Data Collection

      • How can I opt out of data collection?

      By its nature, REACHit (or REACHit for Cortana) requires data collection to function. It can’t enable you to search for your content without generating metadata about that content. As such, the only way to opt out of data collection is to uninstall the app.

      Certificate Errors

      • What can I do if I get a message saying REACHit can’t connect due to a certificate error?

      If Fiddler debugging proxy is running, this can interfere with the connection. To resolve this, close Fiddler, close REACHit, and restart REACHit.

      Additional Information

      • How can I find more information about REACHit?

      The following links can provide additional information about REACHit:

      - The REACHit application itself:
      - REACHit introduction:
      - Lenovo REACHit working with Microsoft Cortana: FAQ’s for Lenovo’s REACHit solution working with Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant


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