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      Troubleshooting accessories - ThinkPad

      Note: Several options including cameras, keyboards, and mice are marketed by other manufacturers under license from Lenovo. These devices are supported by the manufacturer and not by IBM or Lenovo. This includes documentation, device drivers, and warranty service. Please refer to your option documentation for information regarding service and support.

      1. Verify that the accessory is supported on the computer.
        Click here to view available accessories. Check the device documentation for support information. If the device is not supported, please contact the manufacturer to verify installation information.
      2. Verify that the minimum operating system and minimum hardware requirements of the accessory are met.
      3. Check any error messages reported when the system is booted.
      4. Verify that the device and the latest device drivers were installed correctly per the owner's manual or the vendor's Web site installation instructions.
      5. Verify that there are no conflicts in the Device Manager (Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows 98, or Windows 95).

        1. For Windows Vista, click Start, then click Control Panel. Double-click Device Manager.
          For Windows 2000, click Start, select Settings, and then click Control Panel. Double-click System.
          For Windows XP, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance and then click System.
        2. Click the Hardware tab and then click the Device Manager button.
      6. Uninstall and reinstall any software used to access the product.
      7. Refer to the accessory documentation or the vendor's Web site for additional troubleshooting steps.

        For attaching expansion units such as port replicators or docking stations continue with steps 9 - 17, for more information about accessories refer to the need more help? section.

      8. Verify that the ThinkPad system is seated properly on the port replicator or docking station.
      9. Verify that the battery indicator shows charging when all accessories have been removed from the expansion unit and the battery is installed in the system.
      10. Verify that the locking sound (a click) is heard when the docking station is powered on.
      11. Verify that the ThinkPad system will power up while it is in the expansion unit.
      12. Verify pass through devices work when connected directly to the expansion unit.
      13. Verify devices connected to the expansion unit work when directly connected to the ThinkPad system.
      14. Verify that the latest BIOS for the ThinkPad system has been installed.
      15. Check and investigate any information displayed on the docking station LCD indicator panel.
      16. Verify the ThinkPad system boots to the operating system when it is in the expansion unit.
      17. If these steps have not solved your problem refer to "Need more help?"

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