New version of system BIOS and Embedded Controller available - ThinkCentre M90z


There is a new version of M90z system BIOS and Embedded Controller available for ThinkCentre M90z systems.

Affected configurations

The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • ThinkCentre M90z

System is configured with:

  • This information is provided for systems with BIOS versions before 9BKT41A and Embedded Controller versions before 9BCT34A installed.

Applies To:

  • All Operating Systems


Lenovo recommends that end users update their ThinkCentre M90z systems to the latest version of system BIOS and Embedded Controller. Lenovo Engineering has identified an issue related to system board corruption after a sudden power loss to the system (from the building wall power). These two updates will prevent this corruption issue from occurring if power is suddenly removed from the system.

Users should update their system to BIOS version 9BKT41A or greater before installing the new Embedded Controller firmware version 9BCT34A, or greater. Follow the instructions below to update the BIOS and then the Embedded Controller firmware:

  1. Download the flash from operating system ThinkCentre M90z BIOS package 9BJY41USA.exe from the Lenovo support website:

    NOTE:  Only BIOS version 9BJY41UAS, or above, contains Embedded Controller version 34A.
  2. Run the 9BJY41USA.exe and extract the files to a folder.  The default folder is C:\SWTOOLS\FLASH\9BJY41USA.
  3. Navigate to the folder where the files were extracted.  Run the flash.cmd to update the BIOS to 9BKT41A.  Do not power off the system while updating the BIOS software.
  4. Using Administrator privileges, run the ec.cmd to flash Embedded Controller firmware up to 9BCT34A.  Do not power off the system while flashing Embedded Controller firmware. The system must reboot after flashing the new Embedded Controller firmware.

The Embedded Controller version can be verified in the BIOS setup screen.

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