Devices and I/O Ports --> Enable / Disable Adapter Option ROM Support" menu. Instructions can be found at: Recovery Rerun the ASU system tool to disable the option ROMs or use the IMM console to disable the option ROMs. Network Interface Card (NIC) Special consideration: The node must be shut down following the hypervisor specific shutdown procedure. This should only be done by the client. Documentation can be found at: Data Drives Special considerations: Data drives that have not completely fail have to be handled differently. It is necessary to identify the failing drive using the Data Drive Failure procedure in the Nutanix Hardware Replacement Documentation and then after replacement bring the drive back online. The client must do these steps. Documentation for the procedure can be found at: UEFI Settings The following are the recommended optimized UEFI/BIOS settings to be used with the Lenovo Converged HX Series Appliance. Direct Cache Access (DCA) Use the ASU system tool, or other means, to enable the DCA processor option: >asu64 set Processors.DCA Enable Operating mode Change the operating mode from the default mode to "Custom Mode". This permits other settings to be changed such as the power performance bias. Use the ASU system tool, or other means, to set the operating mode: >asu64 set OperatingModes.ChooseOperatingMode Custom Power performance bias This option allows the OS (hypervisor) to control the node power. Many customers prefer this setting as it saves on OPEX. Use the ASU system tool, or other means, to set the power performance bias to �OS Controlled�: >asu64 set Power.PowerPerformanceBias �OS Controlled� Modify boot options Use the ASU system tool, or other means, to configure the boot order as follows: 1. CD/DVD Rom 2. Hard Disk 0 3. PXE Network >asu64 set BootOrder.BootOrder=�Legacy Only=CD/DVD Rom=Hard Disk 0=PXE Network� Additional information on the UEFI/BIOS Setting along with how to use the IMM to change settings can be found at: in the Lenovo Converged HX Series Hardware Replacement Guide Boot Drive Partition Recovery The boot drive in a Nutanix Appliance has unique partitions. If a drive fails follow these steps: 1. Replace the physical drive as a normal drive replacement event. At the same time: 2. Create a Salesforce case to PE under the 5462 machine type noting it a Nutanix Appliance with the request for boot drive partition recovery. Product Engineering (PE) and service planning will contact Lenovo Professional Services to dispatch a technician to go onsite and reinstall the partitions. Escalations should be made to Lenovo PE through the 5462 queue with a Nutanix description. In case a determination has been made that the issue is of a software nature, the service representative has to open a case with Nutanix support. To open a case with Nutanix, follow these instructions: The support agent must open a case through Nutanix�s support portal: In order to open a support case with Nutanix, the support agent should provide the following information: � Serial Number or Service Tag Number � What does the problem relate to? Definition of the problem in detail � Severity Level and impact of the problem � Software version � Customer contact for current issue. L0/L1/L2 will ensure that customer provides detailed contact information including and how the customer would like to be contacted: � End User Company Name � End User Contact Name � End User Direct Phone Number (Land Line or Mobile) � End User E-mail Address � IBM Service Request Number � IBM agent's work contact information � Name � Phone number � Email address � Reverse routing information � for passback instructions � Hypervisor type and version" />
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