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      How to set unlocking ways - IdeaPad K1 Tablet

      How to set unlocking ways for IdeaPad Tablet K1

      Affected Configuration

      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      • IdeaPad Tablet K1



      Go to "Settings" from the application list --> "Location & Security" --> "Lock screen" --> "Configure lock screen" to make the settings.

      You will be able to unlock the screen in one of the three ways: Pattern Unlock, PIN Unlock and Password Unlock. You can cancel the screen lock here as well.

      Touch "Pattern" and then use your finger on the screen (as demonstrated) to draw the unlocking pattern of your choice. Once you have set the unlocking pattern, you will then be able to turn "Use Visible Pattern" on/off.

      Use visible pattern


      Once you have set and activated the Pattern Unlock function, then the Unlock keyboard will be displayed on the screen whenever the screen is unlocked by the slide. Use your finger to draw your pre-selected pattern on the screen using the Unlock keyboard. After the preset pattern has been correctly drawn, the screen will become unlocked.

      Touch "PIN". You will need to input at least 4 numbers as the PIN code used to unlock the screen.

      Touch "Password". You will need to input at least 4 characters as the password used to unlock the screen.


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