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      Warning message and/or 0162 POST error when upgrading or downgrading BIOS - ThinkCentre A63


      Users will experience a warning message and POST error after BIOS update when performing either of the following actions on a ThinkCentre A63 system:

      1. Upgrade from BIOS version 5OKT27A or earlier to version 5OKT28A or later
      2. Downgrade from BIOS version 50KT28A or later to version 5OKT27A or earlier

      Users will experience the error message below if performing a BIOS update meeting one of the above two conditions.

      CMOS Layout different between System ROM and ROM file has detected. AFU recommend adding /C commands of your original input commands

      Press, "Accept button to accept AFU's recommendation.
      Press, "Force button to keep original input commands.
      Press "Quit" button to quit flash.

      This warning message may also occur in DOS mode.

      After reboot, an "Error 0162: Setup data integrity check failure" may also be displayed.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      ThinkCentre A63

      Applies to:

      • Microsoft Windows 7
      • Microsoft Windows Vista
      • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
      • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
      • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
      • Microsoft Windows PE

      None. Do not replace any hardware for this issue.


      The flash operation can be completed normally, but all BIOS setup configuration settings will be lost. If the user has any special BIOS settings that is not Default Settings, then the user must record the settings prior to the BIOS flash, then after the flash completes, reset the special BIOS setting.

      The warning message can be cleared by selecting the "Accept" button in Windows, or entering "A" in DOS mode.


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