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      Mice and Touchpad - Reference Guide


      ThinkPad Low Profile Trackpoint Caps (4XH0M41716)
      Lenovo Wireless TouchPad
      Lenovo Wireless TouchPad for Windows 8 (0A33909)
      Notebook Mice (Bluetooth / Wireless): Available
      ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse (0A36407 / 0A36408)
      ThinkPad Precision Wireless Mouse (0B47161)
      ThinkPad Helix (Type 3xxx) Ultrabook Keyboard (4X30G93853)
      ThinkPad Optical Wireless Mouse (4X30G97573)
      ThinkPad X1 Wireless Touch Mouse (4X30K40903)
      Lenovo Laser Wireless Mouse - with Battery (0A36188) / without Batteries (0A36189)
      Lenovo Essential Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (4X30M39458)
      Lenovo Professional Wireless Laser Mouse (4X30H56886)
      Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard & Mouse (4X30L04102 )
      Lenovo Wireless Laser Mouse - Black (45K1696) / Black/Red (51J0198)
      Lenovo Wireless Mouse N3901A - US & WE-b (57Y6573)
      Lenovo Wireless Mouse N3903A - Metallic (57Y6596) / Coffee (57Y6666)
      Lenovo Yoga Mouse
      Notebook Mice (USB-cable attach): Available
      ThinkPad USB Travel Mouse (31P7410)
      ThinkPad USB Laser Mouse (57Y4635)
      ThinkPad Precision USB Mouse (0B47151)
      Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse
      Lenovo Y Gaming Optical Mouse
      Desktop Mice (USB-cable attach): Available
      Lenovo USB Laser Mouse (41U3074) - Previously named as: Lenovo Laser Mouse
      Lenovo Scrollpoint Mouse (31P7405)
      Lenovo Optical Mouse (06P4069)
      Keyboard and Mice Combination: Available
      Lenovo Essential Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo (4X30G93893)
      Lenovo Professional Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (4X30H56796)
      ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint (55Y9003 - U.S. English)
      Additional Information
      www.lenovo.com/psref - Personal Systems Reference (PSREF): Comprehensive information on features and technical specifications of Lenovo products
      www.lenovoquickpick.com - A web-based, accessories compatibility configurator


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