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      User cannot play DVD movie disc with PowerDVD Metro in Hebrew language - ThinkCentre, ThinkStation, ThinkPad


      When the user selects to play a DVD through the user interface of PowerDVD for Lenovo Think, an error message appears that states the desktop version of PowerDVD is not installed.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkCentre
      • ThinkStation
      • ThinkPad

      The system is configured with:

      • DVD drive
      • PowerDVD for Lenovo Think

      Applies To:

      • Microsoft Windows 8 (Hebrew)

      Additional Information:

      This issue occurs in two different scenarios:

      Scenario 1:

      • Prerequisite is that disc is already in drive.
      • Open PowerDVD for Lenovo Think.
      • Select Movie.
      • Select Play Disc.
      • The message 'PowerDVD desktop version is not installed' will appear.

      Scenario 2:

      • Insert disc into drive.
      • During AutoPlay menu, select PowerDVD for Lenovo Think.
      • The message 'PowerDVD desktop version is not installed' will appear.

      The root cause is that the communication path between PowerDVD and PowerDVD for Lenovo Think is translated in Hebrew and the program does not handle it properly.

      AutoPlay without user interaction brings up the desktop player and plays.  

      Launching the desktop player from the All Apps screen works.


      This issue will be corrected in a future version of PowerDVD for Lenovo Think.




      Use PowerDVD desktop for DVD playback instead of PowerDVD for Lenovo Think.


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