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      Privacy Filters - Reference Guide

      Privacy Filter

      Privacy Filters
      3M 11.6W Privacy Filter from Lenovo (0A61768)
      3M 12.5W Privacy Filter from Lenovo (0A61770)
      3M 14.0W Privacy Filter from Lenovo (0A61769)
      3M 15.6W Privacy Filter from Lenovo (0A61771)
      3M 17.0 inch Monitor Privacy Filter (0B95654)
      3M 19.0W inch Monitor Privacy Filter (0B95655)
      3M 20.0W 16:9 Privacy Filter (4Z10E51376)
      3M 20.0W Monitor Anti-glare Screen Protector (4Z10E51380)
      3M 22W Monitor Privacy Filter (0B95656)
      3M 24.0W Monitor Privacy Filter (0B95657)
      3M Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors (4Z10A22782, 4Z10A23290, 4Z10A23288, 4Z10A23289)
      Targus ThinkPad Helix Folio Wrap (4X40H19305)
      3M ThinkPad Tablet 2 Privacy Filter from Lenovo (0C33167, 0C33168, 0C33169,0C33170)
      3M ThinkPad Twist Privacy Filter (4Z10A39524)
      3M ThinkPad Yoga Landscape Privacy Filter from Lenovo (4Z10F04121)
      3M ThinkPad X240 Series Touch Privacy Filter, 23.0W 16:9 Privacy Filter and 23.0W 16:9 Anti-Glare Screen Protector (4Z10E51377, 4Z10E51378, 4Z10E51381)

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