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      How to creating Recovery Media for Windows 7 - Think, Value Line

      Affected Brands

      Any of the following Lenovo systems:

      • All Thinkpads
      • All ThinkStation
      • All Thinkcentre
      • Value Line Products

      Note: Recovery media can only be created on a Windows 7 Preload system

      How do I create a recovery media?

      The Create Recovery Media program enables you to create recovery media to restore the contents of the system drive or hard disk drive to the same state as when the computer was originally shipped from the factory. You can create the recovery media on a memory key, a USB hard disk drive, or a set of discs if your computer is equipped with a recordable CD or DVD drive.

      Recovery media is useful if you transfer the computer to another area, sell the computer, recycle the computer, or as a last resort put the computer in an operational state after all other methods of recovery have failed. As a precautionary measure, it is important to create recovery media as soon as possible.

      Note: The recovery operations you can perform using recovery media vary depending on the system from which they are created. Your Microsoft(R) Windows(R) license permits you to create only one data medium, so it is important that you store the medium in a safe place after you make it.

      To create recovery media, do the following:

      1. Click Start > All Programs > Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools > Factory Recovery Disks.

      Factory recovery disk

      1. Select "The recovery media you are going to create can only be used on this system. Do you want to proceed?" in the Recovery Media section.

      recovery media

      1. Select the Boot Media check box or Data Media check box depending on your needs. Click OK.

      recovery medium

      Note: It is recommended to create both boot media and data media if you are creating the recovery media.

      1. Select the medium on which you are going to create the recovery media in the drop-down list box.

      create recovery media

      1. Click OK and follow the instructions on the screen.


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