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      LCD display pixel policy - Idea/Lenovo laptops and tablets


      This policy is applicable to idea/Lenovo laptops and tablets.

      Applicable Brands

      idea/Lenovo laptops and tablets


      LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. Each pixel contains three dots of Red, Green and Blue (sub-pixel).

      Bright spot: Any regular sub-pixel bright dot under a black screen is always called a bright spot.

      bright dot

      Dark spot: Any single sub-pixel that does not light up in a white screen or other non-black screen is called a dark spot.

      dark dot

      Defective Standards for LCD Bright/Dark Spots

      While checking dark spots on an all-white screen or bright spots on a all-black screen (tip for LCD Pixel Test), check for scratches, dents, and other defects at the same time. If the numbers of the bright/dark dots do not meet the number in the following table during the warranty period then contact Lenovo or your service provider for assistance.

      defective policy

      Please refer to the following documents to get instructions on locating support center, hardware replacement, hardware purchasing and etc.

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