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      FRU System Board UUID may show all "FF" in BIOS Setup Utility screen - ThinkCentre M70e


      Some FRU System Boards UUID may show all "FF" as below. Press F1 key to enter LENOVO BIOS Setup Utility -> Main.

      | Machine Type and Model     INVALID
      | System Brand ID                  LENOVO
      | System Serial Number         INVALID
      | Asset Tag
      | System UUID                        FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

      • ThinkCentre M70e

      Additional Information:

      • The M70e System Board FRU P/N 71Y6942.

      Do not replace any hardware for this issue.

      Step 1. Download the BIOS package through the Lenovo support site.

      Click here to download the BIOS package.

      Flash BIOS update - ThinkCentre M70e, M60e
      USB drive BIOS flash package ( All operating systems listed )

      Step 2. Unzip the BIOS package to a DOS bootable USB key.
      Use the following parameter to generate system UUID automatically:


      Step 3. Perform usual Flash BIOS update operation using normal Flash BIOS update packages. You may need to update Machine Serial, In addition, Machine Type/Model.

      If you do not have DOS bootable USB Memory key, you can perform generate the system UUID using the following steps:

      1. Power on system
      2. Press F12 key to invoke Startup Device Menu
      3. Insert Flash BIOS update CD then boot CD
      4. Press Ctrl-C to break
      5.  Type "AMIDEDOS.EXE /SU AUTO"



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