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Lenovo USB 2.0 Essential Memory Key - 8GB - Overview and Service Parts

Features and specifications

The Lenovo USB 2.0 Essential Memory Keys - 8GB (45J7905) are thumbsize, lightweight, USB flash memory storage devices that let you share data between notebook and desktop systems with a functional USB port. Features include:

  • Approximate width: 19.68 mm (0.775 in)
  • Approximate length: 59.71 mm (2.351 in)
  • Approximate height: 8.69 mm (0.342 in)
  • Approximate weight: 0.01 kg (0.022 lb)
GB = 1 billion bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessible capacity may be less.


Manuals  Version
 Release Date
Setup Poster and Warranty Information (4 MB) 2008 26 August 2009


1 year Customer Replacement (CRU)

  • Announce date: 15 Jul 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Availability date: 25 Jul 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Effective withdrawal date: April 2011

Hardware requirements

An available USB port

Refer to the Accessories Compatibility Guide (www.lenovo.com/accessoriesguide) to check the compatible systems for this product.

Software requirements

The Lenovo USB 2.0 Essential Memory Key - 8GB is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Note: Some configurations may not be compatible.

  • Lenovo USB 2.0 Essential Memory Key - 8GB
  • Setup poster and warranty information

Agency approvals


Service Parts
  • Description: A description of the product.
  • Geography: The geography where the product is available.
  • Marketing part number: The marketing part number is the part number used for purchasing the product.
  • Service part number (FRU): The service part number for the product or one of the product's components.

Description Geography Marketing part number Service part number (FRU)
Lenovo USB 2.0 Essential Memory Key - 8GB Worldwide 45J7905 45J7909

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