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      Lenovo Solution Center incorrectly alerts user to register system - ThinkCentre, ThinkStation, ThinkPad, Idea Tablet, IdeaPad, IdeaCentre


      An alert is shown on the Lenovo Solution Center icon in the Windows taskbar.  If the user clicks on the icon and launches Lenovo Solution Center, the alert is being raised from the Product registration section (under the Support tab).  This section shows “Information is not available” and instructs the user by displaying a message: “Please, take a few minutes to register your system”.

      The alert normally displays if the user has not registered the system.  However, if the user has actually registered the system through the Lenovo’s website, Lenovo Solution Center will still display this alert.  Lenovo Solution Center can only detect that a system is registered if the user registers using the preloaded Product Registration application.

      Below is a picture of the Product registration section displaying the alert.

      Affected configurations

      The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

      • ThinkCentre
      • ThinkStation
      • ThinkPad
      • Idea Tablet
      • IdeaPad
      • IdeaCentre

      Operating Systems:

      • Microsoft Windows 7
      • Microsoft Windows 8

      A future version of Lenovo Solution Center will resolve this issue by adding an additional option in the registration section.  This option will enable the user to indicate the system is already registered through the website.  When the user selects this option, the registration alert will cease.


      The user can turn off this alert by clicking the “Remind me” checkbox at the bottom of the Product registration section within Lenovo Solution Center.  When this checkbox is checked, another combobox will appear next to the checkbox.  This combobox allows the user to temporarily suspend the alert or turn it off permanently.  To turn off permanently, select the “Never” item.

      The user should continue to use the Lenovo product registration website to view or change the registration information.


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