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ThinkPad X200 UltraBase - Overview

X200 Ultrabase

Features and specifications

The ThinkPad X200 UltraBase (43R8781) snaps easily onto your ThinkPad X200 Series and X201 Series ultraportable or tablet system for portable expansion. It features:

  • An Ultrabay Slim for device expansion for the following available options:
  • An Ultrabay Slim is also compatible to the following discontinued options::
  • Integrated second battery charger to charge a spare battery, all X200 Series or X200 Tablet Series batteries, by:
    • Opening the access door on the X200 UltraBase
    • Connecting the spare battery to the X200 UltrabBase integrated battery charger
  • Standard communication and device ports, including Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45), and four USB 2.0.
  • Video capabilities for attaching up to two external monitors:
    • DisplayPort monitor port supporting 2560 x 1600 maximum resolution.
    • VGA analog port supporting 2048 x 1536 maximum resoution.
  • Audio capabilities: Microphone in, Headphone out, and integrated stereo speakers.
  • Integrated key lock and cable lock slot physically secures the ThinkPad system and ThinkPad X200 UltraBase
    • The cable lock and key lock operate seperately
    • The cable lock secures the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase to the workspace (desk, table, pole, furniture, wall)
    • The separate key lock, on the side of the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase, secures the ThinkPad to the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase
      • To remove the ThinkPad, from the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase, the user turns the seperate key. The user does not need to remove the cable lock from the ThinkPad X200 UltraBase
      • Includes two security keys
  • Compatible for use with Lenovo Easy Reach Monitor Stand
  • Supports attachment of one of the following power adapters:



  • Physical specifications:
    • ThinkPad X200 UltraBase (43R8781):
      • Approximate height: 27 mm (1.0 in)
      • Approximate width: 295 mm (11.6 in)
      • Approximate depth: 233 mm (9,2 in)
      • Approximate weight: 0.73 kg (1.6 lb)
    • ThinkPad X200 UltraBase (43R8781) packaged in a carton:
      • Approximate height: 97 mm (3.8 in)
      • Approximate width: 305 mm (12.0 in)
      • Approximate depth: 363 mm (14.3 in)
      • Approximate weight: 1.4 kg (3.1 lb)
  • Operating environment:
    • Temperature: 5 degrees C (41 degrees F) to + 35 degrees C (95 degrees F)
    • Relative humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing)
  • Storage environment:
    • Temperature: - 20 degrees C (- 4 degrees F) to + 60 degrees C (140 degrees F)
    • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% (excluding rain)



Manuals  Version
 Release Date
Setup poster (182 KB)
User Guide (3.8 MB)
April 2008




3 years – Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)

  • Announce date (43R8781): 05 Aug 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Planned availability date (43R8781): 15 Aug 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Announce date (45K1736): 02 Jun 2009 (Europe/Middle East/Africa retail pack)
  • Availability date (45K1736): 05 Jun 2009 (Europe/Middle East/Africa retail pack)
  • Effective withdrawal date: July 2011
  • Discontinued July 2011


Hardware compatibility
Description Machine - Models
ThinkPad X200, X200s, X200t, X200 Tablet
ThinkPad X201, X201i, X201s, X201t, X201 Tablet
Lenovo Easy Reach Monitor Stand*
ThinkPad 65W AC Power Adapter
- - - - -
ThinkPad 90W AC Power Adapter
- - - - -
Lenovo 90W Ultraslim AC/DC Combo Adapter
- - - - -
ThinkPad 90W Slim AC/DC Power Adapter
- - - - -



  • ThinkPad X200 UltraBase
  • Two Security Keys
  • Setup Poster

Note: The X200 UltraBase does not include a power adapter. It requires the power adapter provided with the system or one of the following:


Agency approvals


Additional product information
Personal Systems Reference (PSREF) - Comprehensive information on the features and technical specifications of Lenovo products.

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